Ramones – ‘Acid Eaters’ Splatter Vinyl


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Ramones: Acid Eaters
(Clear Vinyl with Red & Green Splatter)

Condition: Near Mint
Label: Old Gold Wreckords
Catalog Number: ST-6268324
Country: Germany

Now here is something that I didn’t know existed!

Acid Eaters was the first “new” Ramones album I bought as a kid.  I had already owned and played Mania to death and, when this record came out, I gobbled it up.  I know it is an album that many people don’t hold in the highest esteem, but it holds a special place in this Ramones fan’s heart.  I played those CJ-sung tracks over and over and over again… and hearing songs like ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘Can’t Seem to Make You Mine’ given the old Ramones spin, it really left an impression.

I was lucky enough to find this record at a store down the street from me.  For one, I had never even thought to look for Acid Eaters on vinyl.  To find it, not only on vinyl, but on this cool hippy, trippy wax?  I just had to have it!

An interesting note… and I don’t quite know what it is this way… the sequencing is all out of order.  I’m going to have to cue this up and see how it plays.  Maybe it’ll let this record shine in a new light.

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One Response to “Ramones – ‘Acid Eaters’ Splatter Vinyl”

  1. SpiderDan13 says:

    Listening to it in the new running order is a bit interesting. Dunno if I like some of the filler tracks (translate: songs I don’t like all that much) coming up earlier. I mean, the cover of Surf City is pretty bad. 😉

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