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Metallica – Fan Can VI

This is a special one. Not only is it the new Fan Can which The Metallica Club releases every couple of years… but I had a huge part in its development. And, let me tell you, putting one of these things together is no easy task!

Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth Collection

The new Danzig album is pretty damn awesome. So awesome that I own three copies and a single.

Metallica: The Photographs of Ross Halfin (Hardcover – Autographed)

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Ross Halfin captures the absolute best Metallica moments on film.

The Big 4 – Guitar Pick Set

A complete set of the weapons that The Big 4 use to pulverize their audiences.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster Theater Poster

Theater poster for Metallica’s therapy epic, Some Kind of Monster.

Danzig II: Lucifuge – Autographed Promo Vinyl

My absolute favorite Danzig album, bar none. It still tears my face off some 20 years later. Add to that the “vinyl factor” and the fact that this is signed by the entire original lineup, and you’ve got a piece that kicks maximum ass.

Metallica – 2009 Gig Poster

Artist Kevin Walsh transports The Four Horsemen back to the Wild West to raise some hell in honor of a couple great ’09 World Magnetic gigs.

Ramones – ‘Acid Eaters’ Splatter Vinyl

Drop a hit of acid and cue up this collection of 60’s cover songs revamped by the Ramones… complete with hippy, trippy splatter vinyl!

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